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... is to provide access to and support for community sailing and boating, and boating safety education, regardless of physical, developmental or economic limitations; to promote environmental stewardship, with particular reference to the Dana Point area; and to support diverse recreational, social, and cultural experiences for the general public at the OCSEC.


The Dana Point Aquatic Foundation, which incorporated on October 25, 2010 as a California non-profit 501(c)3 organization, was formed for the purpose of supporting, enhancing, and ensuring the future of public access boating education and recreational, social, and cultural activities at the OC Sailing and Events Center (OCSEC).


The DPAF has no paid employees, and has a volunteer Board of Directors and committee members that form the structure of the Foundation. Our volunteers are passionate about the community programs at OCSEC and are dedicated to ensuring its future.


Boating Scholarships are available for select Westwind programs thanks to the DPAF, the CA Dept. of Boating & Waterways, Aquatic Center Grant Program, and the US Sailing- REACH Grant Program.  



The purpose of the event is to showcase the public access boating and recreational programming offered at the OC Sailing & Events Center and to support National Safe Boating Week.

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Type V Life Jackets

We have Belt Pack Type V lifejackets available for donation to raise money for the DPAF. Get yours today with a donation of $75 for 1 or $140 for 2. Your donation is 100% tax deductible. (Retail value for this style of lifejacket is $85 plus tax)

OCSEC Programs

Mariner and Jr. Mariner Sea Scouts; Westwind Sailing including Dana Hills High School STEPS & Saddleback Adaptive Kinesiology, I Heart Yoga (SUP Yoga), Dana Outrigger Canoe Club,  Performance Paddle, and Jazzercise.

White Waves

Serving the Community and
Providing Access to the Ocean.

The DPAF views fundraising as a continuous effort in order to maintain providing funding for various programs that will help achieve the mission of this organization. We creatively and actively search for funding throughout the year through our community and grants to be awarded. 

This fall the DPAF was able to provide funds for a pilot class called Sail Into Science at the OCSEC due to receiving grant funding from the California Division of Boating and Waterways - Aquatic Center, and the US Sailing - REACH Program (received for pilot course only). Sail into Science is a course for middle school students, designed by US Sailing as part of a nationwide initiative, to provide a hands-on learning opportunity to apply the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills taught in school. This course is aimed at educating the students on safe boating, environmental stewardship, and gaining an interest in STEM based careers through hands on experience through sailing and boating. 

Sail Into Science's pilot course was a huge success and the DPAF is planning on providing funds for future courses in 2015 due to the high demand following this fall's evaluations. 

In order to provide funds for future courses, the DPAF has currently applied to be awarded the WHALE TAIL® Grant through the California Coastal Commission. WHALE TAIL®  Grants Program distributes funds from sales of the WHALE TAIL®   License Plate. The grants support programs that teach California’s children and the general public to value and take action to improve the health of the state’s marine and coastal resources.


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